Jump on the bandwagon

For those who can publically emerge bare faced and nude lipped, what better way to rub it in our faces than to sport a simple bandeau that is usually reserved for make-up application rather than the framing of the un-masked.  Sweeping away any stray hairs and acting as a mini-facelift, this miraculous bedroom-turned-chic accessory that screams 'back-stage model' is the honest alternative to the choppy bang which many of us prefer to hide behind.  Whilst the beauty may be found wearing the classic, dark version, those of us who aren't so blessed and are inevitably struggling with a bad hair day, are seen to port the more elaborate versions, be them bolder, brighter and busier than the next.  However, this accessory may act, except for the lucky few where it serves to enhance, as an emphasizing tool that frighteningly exposes any facial hiccups that are best left softened by a shapely hair-do.  

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