My greatest battle throughout my life, one that has brought on tears, tantrums and sheer agony, has been with my hair. Unlike the 99% of the population who claim to struggle with the stuff, I actually do have the worst hair ever. Not only is it curly, its limp, lifeless, frizzy, thin, untamable and is hated to such an extent that quantities of it have actually decided to leave me (as much as I wish I had a new head of hair, there is nothing worse than having to unclog your drain from hair of almost animal-like proportions almost daily).
To be honest, I'm not surprised.  I have suffocated it with potions, smothered it with lotions, pulled it and burnt it that no wonder its had enough.  I would give anything to have long, flowing locks that you see on the L'Oreal ads, and I'm not ashamed to say it.
SO it came as such a blinding shock when splashed on the headlines was 'THE PERM IS BACK', subtitled with - 'someone is very bored and we've run out of ghds backstage, lets go WILD!!'
I'm not quite sure who decided to come up with such an idea, but it is genius. I have caught myself smiling at the thought that I will not be the only one out there with a frightful hairdo. I almost want to suggest it to my nearest and dearest who have always told me they would die for my hair as I see them silently pray to God that he blessed them so otherwise.
Lets hope this trend literally takes off.

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