Stripping the grout

When I bought my flat, it was with such a happy-go-lucky manner that never did I stop to imagine the nitty gritty, the subsequent fights, disagreements and let-downs that would come of our future relationship.  I failed to see that a couple of calls to the bank could be associated with walking down the isle, placing my head in a strangling yoke and saying 'I DO!', meaning forever, for better or for worse...
6 months later, I find myself punching it, administering doctors and therapists, pouring liquids and solids down its very veins and spending never-ending cash flows on its upkeep and general health. Although I do not deny the pleasure it gives me, it is not an easy ride. Yesterday, for example, I found myself in the hardware store purchasing some silicone filling and a gun with which to fire this filling around my leaking shower. I cant say it didnt give me a feeling of power and dominance, which it did, but I learnt that firing a gun is not what my marine man would consider easy, especially around tight corners and tricky angles. 
I almost consider myself to be the man of the relationship. Just as one problem is fixed, she goes and throws something else at me - I said thank you for not letting off nasty smells from the drains - But its not what I said, its the way i said it, so the smells come back, this time more pungent than ever.
Still, she is certainly worth it, especially in the future when I reap the rewards of my souls investment...

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