Work Experience

You need it, you love it, you hate it.  
I'm not talking about your boyfriend, I'm referring to the dread that is work experience, or as I like to call it, temporary slave work.
Fresh out of nearly a quarter of a century of top-notch education, it can be painful to accept that you are once again the bottom of the pile: the envelope stuffer, the tea-maker, the photocopier, the burden and the general dogs body.  
As if things couldn't get worse, trying to look enthused and raptured, when you realize that you have to once again cross off a potential career in your ever-shrinking career wish-list, is somewhat almost as difficult.  Whilst you may be working for a company that certainly you feel is worthy of your greatness, there is no denying that 3 As at A level is certainly not a ticket to leap into the decision making roles.  Good grades - who cares?!

Shut up and get on with it, you're no different to anyone else...

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