The Musician, Mr Perfect or The Soldier...

Forgive me if I'm wrong, or would it be true to say that if you ask any woman what they're looking for in a man, it simply comes down to the downright boring, Mr Right. Right size, right job, right for me, right for now -  its right right right. 
But what is right? From personal experience my idea of who I'd like to boogy with has already changed direction so many times that I have pretty much lost any sense of my particular taste. One minute I want adoration, the next I need space, one minute I want money, the next, all that matters is having more that one bloody night a month to cuddle, canoodle and squeeze. 
I've dated talent/musician, who I once caught actually giving his instrument a bath, Mr Perfect, who ticked so many boxes that I spent more hours ticking them than seeing him, and I'm currently gunning for the body, um, I mean soldier, who has been on the front line for so long that I've almost forgotten his name.
So, what do we do when you're compass has lost all sense of baring and all you want is just Justin Timberlake to realize he loves you? Find Mr Right for right now, and whatever you do, don't settle just due to the fear of being left on the shelf...

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